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Practice for Sale-ILLINOIS-ILEYTHBE-Chicago- Western Suburbs
Job ID: 29007
Location: Illinois
Position: Practice for Sale-ILLINOIS-ILEYTHBE-Chicago- Western Suburbs
Company: Paragon
Description: Located west of Chicago is this well established office that collected $588,573 in 2017.  The doctor works 2 days a week and takes 6-8 weeks off per year, so that income is based on 74 days.  The patient base is predominantly PPO.  There are 4 ops. and a fifth plumbed (used as break room); the very low overhead of 52% gives a projected after debt service net of $220,000, ON A 2 DAY WORK WEEK.  The office is not digital or paperless, but there is ample income to upgrade the technology.  Doctor refers endo, oral surgery and ortho.  This practice is geared towards providers that are proficient in crown and bridge. Contact PARAGON at (866) 898-1867, e-mail: info@paragon.us.com or visit www.paragon.us.com.
Contact: Paragon
Email: info@paragon.us.com
Website: www.paragon.us.com
Phone: (866) 898-1867
Posting Date Jun 28th, 2018
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